Thursday, 23 September 2010

Wilfred's Beyond Settled Foundations

From Felix Wilfred, Beyond Settled Foundations:

The Theological Heritage of Thomas Christians
The Colonial Times and Roberto de Nobili
A Turning Point: Brahmobandhav Upadhyaya
Widening of the Horizons: Fr P. Johanns and the Calcutta School; Theology in the Milieu of Ashrams; Swami Parama Arubi Anandam [Jules Monchanin]; Swami Abhishiktananda; Swami Dayananda [Bede Griffiths].
Theology in a New Socio-Political Context
Supports for Theologizing
Representatives of Religio-Cultural Orientation: Panikkar; Amalorpavadass; Chethimattam; Amaladoss.
Representatives of Socio-Political Orientation: Kappen; Rayan; Soares-Prabhu.
Theology, the Divine Mystery and the World
Christology and Ecclesiology
Evangelization and Liberation
Dialogue and Theology of Religions
Conclusion: Whither Indian Theology?

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