Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Uttam Kamble

Tony George mentioned two important books by Uttam Kamble (who gave a talk long ago, during the Youth Adhiveshan held in Divyadaan - at that time he was Editor of the Nashik edition of Sakala). The books:

Vata tudavatana
Ai samjhuna ghetana [Or: aai samjun ghetana. Translated as Ilanda's Story].

Bhaurao Bagul

I have just posted in Indian Christian Writings a note on Prof. Nazareth Misquitta, Principal of St Joseph's College, Rajodi, Virar. I want to note here that Prof. Misquitta is also an expert on Bhaurao Bagul, a Dalit writer, perhaps the Father of Dalit Literature in Marathi. Misquitta holds a doctorate on Bagul from the Mumbai University. He has published several books on Bagul.