Friday, 6 August 2010

Tradition and Innovation

The best book I have found so far on doctrinal development is that of Nichols, From Newman to Congar (1990). Unfortunately, Nichols ends where the problem begins: with the unravelling of the synthesis achieved in Vatican II, precisely in the work of the very theologians who contributed to that synthesis: Rahner, Schillebeeckx, and Congar. The three key words here are: pluralism, hermeneutics, and reception.

Writing (way back now!) in 1990 (a full 20 years ago) he misses out on postmodernism.

I would think that, between pluralism, hermeneutics and postmodernism, the very problem of doctrinal development has been swept out of court. With the banning of propositional truth, the problem simply fails to arise.

But: I need to find more stuff on these developments.

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  1. Fr. Ivo. Could you say a bit on "pluralism, hermeneutics, and reception, in relationship to art, and lived aesthetics---both on part of the artists and the public; perhaps also with some faint light on postmodernism.