Sunday, 1 August 2010

Balthasar and Heidegger

Balthasar seems to be influenced by Heidegger. Rahner clearly is. Both are influenced by de Lubac. But their tendencies are opposed. How? What? Why? 

It would seem that Balthasar both welcomes and unwelcome Heidegger. See: “O’Regan delivered a magnificent analysis of the complex relationship between Balthasar and Heidegger, citing both a ‘welcoming’ and an ‘unwelcoming’ of the latter in Balthasar’s theology. It was the unwelcoming which O’Regan was especially interested in, citing evocatively Balthasar’s conception of a ‘gigantic misremembering’ on Heidegger’s part which distorted the relationship between Heidegger and Christian thought.” Jones Irwin, “A Contemporary Platonic-Christianity? – On Radical Orthodoxy.” as of 2 August 2010.

See Rossi, Osvaldo. “Herrlichkeit e Sein: Heidegger nel pensiero di Hans Urs von Balthasar.” Communio: Rivista Internazionale di Teologia e Cultura 147 (1996) 94-105. [STS R F-35. 1996 (1).]

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