Friday, 15 January 2010

A new language for systematic theology

I think I must definitely get back to doing some research on Lonergan - and to something I have been toying with ever since my doctoral dissertation: Lonergan's long struggle to discover / find a new language for systematic theology. The part to be researched is the journey from Insight to Method - ground that I covered in some way in Hermeneutics and Method, but there is much more, a wealth of material that I think we have much to learn from.

So: flag the area, divide it, work out a series of articles, work them eventually into a book...

The final outcome is 'clear', of course: Lonergan's Method in Theology. But research into the background from which this arose is always illuminating. And much of that background lies in unpublished scribbles and notes... now available online, thanks to the archives being put up by Robert Doran, but still to be researched, made available, brought to light.

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