Thursday, 14 January 2010

The commentarial tradition of Advaita

Editing De Smet's articles, I am learning so much. The commentators of Sankara, for example. Francis X. Clooney (Theology after Vedanta, Albany: SUNY Press, 1993, 17-18) provides the following list, which is useful even if not exhaustive:

Vacapati Misra (mid 9th C) - Bhamati.
Amalananda (13th C) - Vedantakalpataru (commentary on the Bhamati)
Appaya Diksita (16th C) - Kalpataruparimala (commentary on the Vedantakalpataru)
Anandagiri (13th C) - Nyayanirnaya (commentary on Sankara's Brahma Sutra Bhasya)
Govindananda (end 16th C) - Bhasyaratnaprabha (commentary on Sankara's B.S.Bh., drawing on the Nyayanirnaya)
Prakasatman (13th C) - (Sarirakanyayasamgraha) (a synthesis of issues at stake in the more ample commentaries)
Advaitananda (17th C) - (Brahmavidyabharana) (a direct commentary on Sankara's B.S.Bh.)

In addition, there is:
Dharmaraja Adhvarindra (16th C?) - Vedanta Paribhasa.

The two major schools seem to be:
Vacaspati Misra's Bhamati school
Prakasatman's Vivarana school.

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