Thursday, 25 September 2008

Kierkegaard and the postmodern

I like this:
Along with Nietzsche - who also made a jest of German metaphysics, those pale morticians, those conceptual embalmers, those chalk-dusty dabblers in the last cloudy evaporating streaks of reality, as he called them - Kierkegaard set the stage for the twentieth-century critique of 'totalization,' of totalizing reason, be it pure or historical, that eventually gave the word 'postmodern' its currency. (Caputo, Philosophy and Theology 43)
Here, the problem is important - far more important - than the answer. The question, stupid! The problem set by Hegel. Hegel's type of totalizing.

"Every philosopher fights against his own demons."

Understanding by application.

Data becomes an answer only when the question is discovered to which it is answer.

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