Friday, 26 September 2008

Derrida and Augustine

From Caputo's Augustinian meditation on Derrida (both, strangely, born in Numidia/Algeria, both attached to their mothers and sons of their mothers' tears, both leaving their provincial places for the great city...):

'So that I quite rightly pass for an atheist.'
Why not simply say, 'I am an atheist?'
Because that would be to arrest the play.

But perhaps here one is committed to the play itself?

To arrest the play: or to let the play be arrested?
'I will pluck out the heart of stone, and put in a heart of flesh.'
The heart of stone does not want to be replaced by the heart of flesh...

And yet the play remains. The play between grace and freedom, between two freedoms. 'Authenticity is ever a withdrawal from unauthenticity.'

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