Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Moloney on Family

Francis J. Moloney, *A Body Broken for a Broken People. Divorce,
Remarriage, and the Eucharist*. Published in London by DLT, in New York by
Paulist, in Australia by Garratt Publications, and in Manila by Don Bosco
Centre of Studies. Being prepared for a German publication Katholische
Bibelwerk, Stuttgart.

Article: "A New Testament Hermeneutic for Divorce and Remarriage in the
Catholic Tradition," *Australasian Catholic Record *92 (2015): 269-88.

I published a critical analysis of Salesian life for the bicentenary
on Evangelical Consecration. Celebrating a Bicentenary*), widely
appreciated by *other religious families*, but Salesians have not read it -
not even here in Australia. We just go on saying the same old things ...
with little or no biblical and theological sense ... and wonder why we lose
relevance in the more critical West (Asia, etc. is still fine withe the old

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