Friday, 13 February 2015

Lo Groi Memorial Lecture, Salesian College, Sonada

"Know yourself."
"Aham dashasmi."
But not an atomic individual.
A person. In relation.
Being is communion.
The We is prior to the I.
Friendship is important.
Harmony is important.
peace between peoples is important.
Living together in peace is important.
this is a non-negotiable value in a Christian school.

The I is important.
But even here, some funny things
I can decide to get up and sit down.
I can decide to be a Salesian or a diocesan priest, a worker or a teacher.
I cannot decide to understand.
though I can make it probable by what I do.

The importance here of Reading.
Reading is encounter
it transforms
the lighting up of the text is at once the lighting up of the self.

The importance of Reflection

The importance of Respect
The ability to Listen and to Dialogue

Don Bosco: a pedagogy of freedom
an education to freedom
not a question of rules and imposition
but helping / accompanying a young person to become truly free, happy, beautiful.

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