Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Lonergan in India

Lonergan people in India:

  • Valentine Ekka, SJ, PhD, Boston College. 
  • Thomas Chacko, SVD. PhD, Dharmaram, Bangalore. 
  • Thomas Naickamparambil, Through Self-Discovery to Self-Transcendence: A Study of Cognitional Self-Appropriation in B. Lonergan
  • Robert Pen, SDB. PhD, Universita Pontificia Salesiana, Rome. 
  • Maria Arul Anthuvan, SDB. PhD (ongoing), Universita Pontificia Salesiana, Rome. 
  • A number of students who have done Master's Theses, esp. at Divyadaan, Nashik.

Lonergan events in India:

  • The Fred Lawrence Confernce on Hermeneutics, Divyadaan, Nashik.
  • The Conference on Economics, with Philip McShane, Divyadaan, Nashik.

Articles and books:

  • See Divyadaan: Journal of Philosophy and Education
  • Ivo Coelho, Hermeneutics and Method
  • Robert Pen, Communication as Mutual Self-Mediation

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