Monday, 15 October 2012

Ratzinger on person and relation

An earlier jotting re Ratzinger's article on the Person:

  1. Substance (Boethius) vs existence (Richard of St Victor)
  2. Augustine makes the link person = relation, but encompasses God within the mind in his analogy
  3. Aquinas limits relation to God; does not extend it to man
  4. Aquinas separates the doctrine of one God from the doctrine of God as Trinity
  1. Ratzinger is not aware of how Aquinas modifies Boethius, esp. intellect as open to all reality
  2. Ratzinger is not systematic (at least in this article). He gives large openings
  3. Ratzinger gives references to Conrad-Martius, von Balthasar, B. Welte. Perhaps these are more systematic. Perhaps Conrad-Martius' Das Sein might provide a Begrifflichkeit.

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