Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Marcel Mauss and others on 'gift'

Stefano Curci, associate professor at the UPS, mentioned Benedict XVI's "economy of the gift" (economia del dono) during his talk at the Demaria Convegno. He mentioned several contemporary philosophers who have been discussing 'gift': Marcel Mauss, Levinas, Derrida and Ricoeur. He did not mention John Milbank. Matter for a good MPh paper here.

Lechte, John. “Exchange.” Key Contemporary Concepts: From Abjection to Zeno’s Paradox. London: Sage, 2003. 76-80.

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  1. Matthew Coutinho writes: "seen that you had something about the 'gift' in your philosophical musings and remembered that one of our profs at the alfonsianum (brian johnstone cssr)had written something on that - here is the link i found on the internet...wonder if it would interest you?" http://dlibrary.acu.edu.au/research/theology/ejournal/aejt_3/Johnstone.htm