Wednesday, 14 July 2010

ACPI 2009 papers on Violence and its Victims

Finished editing - more or less, if you don't take the 'toilette' into account - the ACPI volume on Violence and its Victims. George Panthanmackel sent me a fresh paper on Gender Violence, by Kochuthresia Payyapilly.

The editing has been quite an experience, but I am happy I managed to get down an introduction way back at the beginning of this year. It reads pretty well, though I think it raises some controversial issues about which I have to think more. One such is whether Puthenpurackal and Panthanmackel are holding for violence as part of human nature, and whether this is not a species of 'conflation of finitude and fallenness' of which Heidegger is guilty, according to Fred Lawrence.

Just now I am trying to get through the requested review of Robert Pen's output in preparation for his application for promotion to the post of Reader. After that: perhaps I need to get through Verbum once again, together with the ongoing reading of Insight as part of the preparation for the Philosophy of Knowing classes.

After that, the paper for the 2010 ACPI meeting on the dynamics of tradition and innovation in the Christian tradition. I plan to draw mostly on Lonergan, but I guess I will have to familiarize myself with other attempts also. Clarification by contrast. Lonergan has much matter in the middle years that needs to be exploited, though in a sense he is concerned with this dynamics all through his life: the transcultural mediation of Christian meanings and values.

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