Thursday, 24 June 2010

Retrieving Good Work

Presented my paper to the Lonergan Workshop yesterday.

One very interesting response to my comment that Sankara is probably one of those most responsible for the disappearance of Buddhism in India: John Dadosky commented on the relevance - the historical impact - of a good systematic theology!

Bob Doran said that I had moved (forward) from my book Hermeneutics and Method. Perhaps: a better understanding of the canons of hermeneutics and their relation to Method ch. 7 on Interpretation.

Fred Lawrence said that De Smet was a wonderful instance of making things better than they are: developing the position. Wonderfully charitable and generous interpretation of Sankara and even of Ramanuja.

Gilles Mongeau was trying to understand his Indian seminarians in Toronto. He was wondering whether the idealism - realism dialectic might be relevant. I thought that the undifferentiated consciousness vs theoretical consciousness might be more relevant. But there is a certain tendency in Indian theology today to a disincarnate spirituality - expressed in an anti-ritualism, for example. All this, coupled with a great desire for concreteness in philosophy and theology.

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