Monday, 31 May 2010

My paper for Boston 2010

I have some 10 days to go (not counting the class days), and have not yet crystallized my paper for Boston 2010. But, as has been happening the last few years, I do not seem to be overly worried. Things are moving, will move, despite the not infrequent distractedness, boredom, and tiredness.

Yesterday, for example, was quite fruitful. The "Jaimini" paper gave me the stuff about Vakya and Intellection that I had been searching for. Then there was something from the "Governing Principles of Indian Philosophy" paper, perhaps something on Sankara on intellection. Just now I am reading "Indian Contribution to General Metaphysics." Very revealing. Much useful matter.

I have a substantial note in the making on Pratyaksa / Perception, which is the sense judgment, but it does not have much stuff from Sankara. I am finding some matter on Sankara on understanding. I have already, from last year, the matter on consciousness: Sankara subscribed to consciousness as experience, rather than consciousness as perception. I have plenty of matter on intellectual dynamism. I have some curious matter on the Saksin as agent intellect.

I have not yet begun concentrating on the metaphysical categories, especially on causation, operation, and relation.

And I do not know where I am heading. Will I restrict myself to the knowing, being, objectivity categories? Will I go on to the metaphysical categories? And will I be able to say something on creation, acosmism, illusionsism, pantheism? Maybe I could hint at these.

In the meantime, I have sent the title to Fred Lawrence: "Retrieving Good Work: De Smet on Sankara."

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