Monday, 12 April 2010

Heidegger GA 23

I am enjoying reading Heidegger's GA 23. I have done the part on philosophical method - where he outlines the phenomenological method as the method of philosophy - it seems to me a rerun, in much more accessible language, of the early part of Being and Time. Not that I understand now what the phenomenological method means - though H does try to distinguish between ontic and ontological, ontological being what is concerned not so much with entities, Seiende, but with the Being, Sein, of entities.

I am onto the Thomas Aquinas part now. I have the impression that H respects Aquinas. He begins by listing the available literature; then a list of the works; then a brief exposition of the way an article is presented (the question, the Videtur quod non, the Sed contra, the Response, the answers to objections), and then ...

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  1. How about Understanding Sankara: Forward Steps; Essays by Richard De Smet