Monday, 8 March 2010

Possible papers

Possible papers for Boston:

1. Raising the category of 'creation' in Sankara with the help of De Smet and Lonergan.

2. Studying the contrast between traditional organically related hierarchical societies and modern societies - democracies among them - based on an atomic conception of the individual. Which is more respectful of persons? The former vibes well with an organic notion of the person as intrinsically social; the latter, as we have said, presupposes the atomic individual, such that society has to be a construct. Gandhi opted for the former (see the brilliant articles of Howards and Swanger in the last 3 issues of Divyadaan), while Ambedkar clearly opted for the latter as alone destroying the caste system (very much a hierarchical traditional system) and ensuring liberty, equality, fraternity.

3. Economics. What is Lonergan saying? is that pertinent to the global crash that we now seem to be slowly getting out of? what explanations?

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