Thursday, 25 June 2009

Another impression from the current Lonergan Workshop is the way the Latin works of Lonergan are opening up. There have been several papers drawing from these Latin works, chief among them being that of Jeremy Wilkins on the Beatific Vision. Lovely title: "'The Silence of Eternity, Interpreted by Love': Love and Knowledge of God in Christ the Man." Jeremy was quite poetic; in fact, the first phrase of the title is drawn from a poet.

Then there was an old hand, William Murnion, a student of Lonergan's, who spoke about The Incarnate Word and The Triune God as models of theological method as interdisciplinary collaboration. I missed that one, but I have the paper with me.

This evening we look forward to Robert Doran's paper, "Sanctifying Grace, Charity, and Divine Indwelling: A Key to the Nexus Mysteriorum." Doran has been plugging away at the grace issue. His output is amazing. I asked him how he manages to write so much, while also editing the Collected Works. He said: in the morning I prepare for class or write. In the afternoons, when I don't have class, I work at the Collected Works. In the night, I look after the website (I guess he means his own website, as well as the Lonergan Archives he has been setting up). It would have been a dog's life, he said, if I were not enjoying myself so much.

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