Monday, 30 March 2009

Lonergan's Grace and Freedom: as yet unsurpassed

In a review of Fergus Kerr's Twentieth-Century Catholic Theologians, William L. Portier notes Kerr's evaluation of Lonergan's Grace and Freedom:

In Lonergan's early work, published in English in 1971 as Grace and Freedom, Kerr finds "an as yet unsurpassed analysis of Aquinas' theory of divine transcendence and human liberty" (Kerr 115). [Portier 497.]
In a note he adds:

Kerr's estimate is shared by Reinhard Hutter, who regards Lonergan's Gratia Operans (Grace and Freedom) as "still to be the benchmark analysis of Aquinas's profound treatment of this utterly complex topic." See Hutter, "Desiderium Naturale Visionis Dei - Est autem duplex hominis beatitude sive felicitas: Some Observations About Lawrence Feingold's and John Millbank's Recent Interventions in the Debate Over the Natural Dsire to See God," Nova et Vetera 5/2 (2007) 81-132, at 103 n. 42. [Portier 497 n 5.]
William L. Portier, "Thomist Resurgence. A Review Esay of Twentieth-Century Catholic Theologians: From Neoscholasticism to Nuptial Mysticism by Fergus Kerr." Communio: International Catholic Review 35/3 (2008) 494-504.


  1. it is nice to know that you blog in articles on net. i thought this was an article on on freedom, grace and predestination. Of course your blogs are a treat to the reader. Hope you blog something on Freedom, Grace and predestination.(God knowing and our freedom)

    Philip Reis

  2. Sorry, Philip, I had not seen this comment! Will try to post something on freedom, grace and predestination. If you still carry your PG notes, you will find enough matter there!

    That is a great Lonergan topic, and you might try searching 'Lonergan' with the other terms.