Friday, 23 January 2009

De Smet's Sankara studies

Strange: I didn't intend to, but I found myself drawn into beginning work on a second collection of De Smet's essays, with the tentative title, Forward Steps in Sankara Research: Essays by Richard De Smet, SJ.

There is, of course, the experience of working on the first collection. I had already drawn up a list of Sankara essays by De Smet, so I began by writing for permissions, which was, I think, the most delicate and difficult part of the previous work.

OUP has already replied, but they said they preferred dealing directly with the publishers. But MLBD can correspond with them only after I submit my MS to them - which will be another year at least?

The scanning has begun. Unfortunately, the new scanner is a very low level one, and the errors in the text are far more than the Provincial House scanner....

Whatever: the work has begun, and I am excited about it.

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